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Dear Guests

As we are dreaming of brighter days ahead, we cannot wait to welcome you again at Fissi Villas. Fissi Villas is a family-run business, operating under the licence of the Greek Ministry of Tourism. Staying faithful to the instructions of the Greek Ministry of Tourism and the National Public Health Organization (EODY), we decided to communicate with you our new safety practices and some relevant instructions on your safe arrival and stay at Fissi Villas.

For us, the health and safety of our guests and employees always comes first!

Before your arrival, would like you to know that the dedicated staff of Fissi Villas have received intensive and adequate COVID-19 training and have obtained the Health First certification on the COVID-19 Health, Safety and Sanitisation Protocols in accordance with the official measures and instructions of the Greek state.

Fissi Villas follows the cleaning protocols which meet EODY instructions and all cleaning and disinfecting products are approved for use and are effective against COVID-19, bacteria and other germs. All linen and towels are washed and sanitised by Professional Laundry Services Providers.

We recommend that you read this Safety Message and Instructions before and upon your arrival.
Instructions for safe arrival, stay and departure

Access to Fissi Villas & Key Collection

v    Upon arrival you must collect the key for the central gate from the Password-secured locker located on the right side of the gate. The password will be e-mailed to you prior to your arrival. Once, the central gate is fully open, you can enter and park the car in the parking lot. The central gate closes automatically after a couple of minutes. We recommend that you carry the central gate key with you at all times.

v  Walk through the area as you head to the Villa you have booked. Please advise your reservation details for the name of the Villa. The first Villa opposite to the gate is called “Krini”. The second one as you walk through is called “Prinos”.

v  We have placed the keys for Krini/Prinos Villa on the door. Welcome Home!

v  Please, insert the white key card in the special slot on your right hand-side to power the Villa.

v  We remind you that the door opens with the conventional key as the white key card is used only to switch on the power.

v  Please do not leave the conventional key in the door lock, as you might find yourselves locked out.

v  Make sure that you carry the keys with you at all times, especially when you relax at the balcony.

v  You can find additional general information for the Accommodation in the Guest Book.

Safety and Hygiene

v  Please follow the necessary hygiene measures at all times during your stay.

v  Hand Sanitizer dispensers will be placed at all indoor and outdoor spaces (wall-fixed sanitizers).

v  All guests should use the hand sanitizer upon arrival and frequent hand washing is advisable, especially when entering or leaving the Fissi Villas.

v  Please allow the rooms to air-out and ensure that doors and windows of all rooms are opened daily for natural ventilation.

v  Some items, for example kids’ toys or extra bed linen, are placed in separate plastic bags. Once these items are used they must not be placed again in the plastic bag. This will allow us to disinfect them before they are used by another guest.

v  You should always cover the sunbeds with your individual towel and wash meticulously all BBQ utensils before and after each use of the common BBQ Facility.  Please follow the necessary hygiene measures even during your stay outdoors.

v  As we are instructed to avoid frequent room cleaning, seven (7) days after your arrival you will be asked if you would like the cleaning service. For stays exceeding four (4) days, extra bed linen and towels will be available in case you need to change them yourselves. Please find them in your room closets.

v  For the reason stated above, you are also advised to empty and dispose the trash from your bins. There are garbage disposal bins (green bins for general waste and blue for recycling waste) along the main roads.

v  Please do not flush toilet paper or hygiene products down your toilet.

v  Non-guests, or visitors other than our guests are prohibited from entering the Fissi Villas premises.

v  We remind you that the owners of Fissi Villas visit the premises daily for cleaning and garden maintenance purposes. Throughout their visit they will be wearing personal protective equipment (masks and gloves), they will keep the appropriate distance and avoid handshakes.


v  Please keep to the check-out timetable (Check-out time: 11h00) as we need to ensure there is sufficient time for cleaning and sanitizing the Villas for the new guests.

v  Before your departure, please leave the Villa’s windows open and ensure that the conventional keys are placed on the door (front side) and the central gate keys in the Password-secured locker located next to the central gate on your right hand-side.

Overnight Stay Tax

v  Guest are required to pay the overnight stay tax at check-in and in cash. According to the official rating of Fissi Villas the tax is as follows: €0.50 per room / per night. You can leave the payable amount in the Villa and Fissi Villas will arrange their collection.


We are doing our utmost best to provide you with a very safe and healthy stay at Fissi Villas amongst your family and loved ones.

Thank you for choosing Fissi Villas and for being so understanding for the current situation.

We cannot wait to welcome you all and we wish you a safe and pleasant stay!